“K” Line’s crude oil tankers have adopted the double-hull structure since 2003. We constantly take measures such as conducting marine and onshore trainings as well as oil spill exercises to not only improve skills, but also prevent accidents and minimize harm.

The Relationship between Oil Tankers and Our Lives

The crude oil and petroleum products we transport are used as fuel and raw materials for various products necessary and ever-present in our daily lives. Some examples include the gasoline used for cars, jet fuels for aircrafts, naphtha for plastic bottles, and the crude oil for running electric power plants.

We safely transport these petroleum resources that support our lives to countries around the world through our oil tanker services.

Aframax Tanker

Inaugurated in 2003, our tanker department specialises in the operation of a fleet of quality Aframax tankers in the crude oil transportation market.

With a current fleet of three modern Aframax tankers, we aim to be a first class operator that provides top-notch sea transport services to our customers. We regularly maintain our fleet to the high standards set out by OCIMF and is granted approvals from various Oil Majors.

In line with the current testing tanker market conditions, we strongly believe that safety, reliability and flexibility are the keys to navigating through these tough times in the tanker business. With our nimble fleet and our long-term COA partners’ support, we are able to reduce our market risk exposure in the trough of the shipping cycle, as well as maintain our presence in the spot market. So that eventually when the tanker market recovers, “K” Line Pte Ltd Tanker will be well poised to capitalize on future opportunities.

Chemical Tanker

“K” Line Pte Ltd’s Chemical Tanker business is currently operating with a fleet of 3 modern Stainless Steel Chemical Tankers. From the experience accumulated from our Aframax tanker business, we are fully equipped to maintain the high quality of the vessels in order to provide excellent service to our customers.

” Genuine Galaxy”
DWT:   33,590.76 mt
GRT:   19,899
Built:   2012
Flag:   Singapore
Type:   IMO II/III Chemical Tanker