Utilizing our expertise in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) transportation business over the years, we aim to launch a new business to meet customers’ demand by creating gas demand itself.

Liquefied Gas Fuel Business

As advocates for environmental conservation, we aim to introduce LNG as a marine fuel that produces less emission from engine exhaust, resulting in low environmental impact. We also consider developing LNG bunkering services by utilising related vessels that will accelerate the increasing demand on LNG as a marine fuel.

Small-Scale LNG Shipping Business

Many countries have begun to import LNG in smaller packages. We aim to develop small-scale LNG transportation business in countries and regions together with the conventional large-scale transportation service.

LNG Floating Storage And Regasification Business

We are eyeing a business that involves the provision of offshore floating storage and regasification units (FSRUs). Specifically, these should take receipt of LNG at a lower cost than reception from land.

Offshore LNG/LPG-Based Power Generation Business

We strive to develop offshore LNG/LPG-based power generation business to conduct entire operations at the offshore. This includes receipt, storage, regasification, and power generation, and sending electricity to shore.

This business concept would save initial investment compared to land-based power generation project in the area where there is an absence of gas infrastructure.