Car Carrier

“K” Line Pte Ltd’s Car Carrier Group operates our dedicated AATS terminal (Asia Automobile Terminal Singapore) at Pasir Panjang, PSA which enhances cargo operations, increases efficiency and heightens safety. The Car Carrier Group is also responsible for MAFI trailers and tug master managements in South East Asia.

As the Regional HQ for damage prevention in ASEAN, Indian Ocean, Middle East and South Africa, we prioritize safety in cargo operations both onshore and on-board. Safety standards are constantly observed and practiced rigorously to achieve the highest quality in damage prevention, a hallmark of an excellent carrier.

For full information of our Pure Car Carrier Service Routes please click here.

Drive Green Highway

Inaugurated in 2016 by “K” LINE, the Drive Green Highway is equipped with the world’s latest environmental technologies that reduce NOx and SOx emissions. In her immense 200 metre long and 37.5 metre wide hull, there are 13 decks comprising about 67,000 square metres where as many as 7,500 cars can be loaded.

The variable deck heights also enable accommodation of various high and heavy cargo. The Drive Green Highway marks a new era in “K” LINE’s mission to contribute to a sustainable future and environment protection, which is in line with our Environmental Vision 2050 of achieving near zero emissions.

“K” LINE’s Pure Car Carrier services spanning the globe are your highways across the seas that connect all countries.