Marine Safety

The Marine division is responsible for the safe operations of owned and chartered vessels. The marine team functions in liaison with the ship managers to ensure vessels are operated safely, complying with the SOLAS and International maritime laws.

The Marine team is also instrumental in new ship building projects. The responsibility extends to

  • Monitoring the vessel’s performance
  • Providing operational assistance to the vessel operators during the port call
  • Gathering information on new port facilities
  • Researching ports and their facilities for chartering
  • Managing cargo stowage and cargo intake optimisation
  • Carrying out cargo analysis if nominated cargoes are safe for transportation
  • Providing project assistance for chartering, cargo and port inspection
  • Ensuring all cargoes identified are safe for transportation
  • Dry docking
  • Conducting visits to the vessels wherever and whenever necessary.

The marine team is also responsible for conducting safety drills to tackle any emergency situations. 


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