Why “K” Line

“K” Line Pte Ltd is a recipient of numerous awards including the top honour at the Singapore International Maritime Awards 2017, for emphasizing the country’s vibrant maritime enterprise ecosystem.  A few of our core strengths that we wish to highlight are our compliance to laws and regulations, customized IT solutions and high regards to marine safety.

K Line Private Limited.

The newly established “K” Line Pte Ltd (KLPL) IT Division incorporates 17 years of experience from KSP InfoSystems Pte Ltd which was established in January 2001. With their support, KLPL is capable of developing applicable and real-time shipping solutions.

KSP InfoSystems had been providing quality IT solutions to “K” Line group companies such as:

  • “K” Line Pte Ltd
  • “K” Line Ship Management (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  • 1Stop Docentre Sdn Bhd

Such IT solutions can range from providing data infrastructure to maintaining firewall for internal security. In doing so, they are able to assist in fostering productivity and efficiency of work performance for “K” Line’s businesses.


The division also support and develop the IT environment for KLPL in Singapore and provide solutions to other “K” Line group companies in the region such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam & Bangladesh.

IT Division’s Application, Infrastructure, and Helpdesk teams deliver high-level service standards to meet the evolving requirements of the business. Solutions are fully customisable and always based on user requirements.

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