CSR Activities


In “K” Line Pte Ltd, we are committed towards the contribution to the improvement of society and the environment, which is part of our Corporate Principle.  We consider the impact our business may have and how we can contribute back to the environment, society and economy.   

We had planned various social activities over the years as part of our CSR activities for the staff to participate.  For 2019, our staff were tasked to organize two charity carnivals for Life Community and Lions Befrienders.  The carnivals were both held in Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre. 


For the carnivals, the participating staff had to design the venue, create games and activities using the props that were available, and even come up with various entertainment for the participants.  It was truly our privilege to have this opportunity to prepare the carnivals for and interact with the participants.


In “K” Line, we are fully aware of the impact that our business activities have on the global environment and the urgent need to address it.  As such, aligned with our “K” Line Group Environmental Policy and “K” Line Environmental Vision 2050,we are committed towards creating a sustainable business environment.  In 2019, coinciding with the “K” Line Group’s 100th year anniversary, KLPL officially participated in “K” Line Group’s environmental management system, known as Drive Green Network. 

In KLPL, we have set the following environmentally friendly targets such as:

We have put up a Green Pledge Wall for the staff to voluntarily put up their pledges as a show of their commitment towards adopting a more environmentally friendly practices in their daily lives. 

With these initiatives, we hope that the staff can continue their dedication towards creating a better environment for our future generation.