About Us

A Global Leader in the Maritime Transport Industry

“K” Line started operations in Singapore in 1973, under Kawasaki Singapore (Pte) Limited (subsequently known as “K” Line (Singapore) Pte Ltd) and became a full-fledged shipping agency in 1981. As our operations expanded, we undertook the initiative to further enhance our operation by establishing “K” Line Pte Ltd.

“K” Line Pte Ltd commenced business in August 2001 by taking over the principal business functions of the operations, such as the Trade Management Marketing, Global Operations of the Container Vessels and supporting quality control for the Car Carrier services from “K” Line (Singapore) Pte Ltd, as part of our pursuit towards the globalization of our management.

In April 2002, we started our Bulker & Tanker Division. Starting with 1 bulk carrier, we have since expanded our operation to over 20 bulk carriers and tankers.

2018 marks a new milestone in our corporate history. After an intensive period of preparation, we saw the successful integration of our containership business intoOcean Network Express Pte Ltd in April 2018 and the streamlining of our “K” Line Group operations in Singapore, with the inclusion of “K” Line (Singapore) Pte Ltd and KSP Infosystems Pte Ltd under “K” Line Pte Ltd.

In 2021, we celebrated our 20th anniversary since our incorporation in Singapore. As part of our 20th anniversary celebration, we committed ourselves to make Sustainability our ultimate goal, while maintaining our aim to continue providing safe, reliable and excellent service. To this end, we are proud to share that we will be publishing our 1st Sustainability Report in early 2022. We are also fully committed to our “K” Line group’s Environmental Vision 2050 and further pledge to continue promoting best practices within our operations through our various targets, tasks and projects to address climate change and to continuously contribute to the Singapore Maritime Community by enhancing our corporate values.

KLPL 20th Anniversary Video

Our Global Office Network

For nearly a century, we have established our global presence across first-class trading hubs around the world through a vast network of “K” Line Group offices. Today, as Singapore serves as a major transhipment port and a global operations centre, we continue to foster our proven track record in utilising our fleet capacity in ports around Middle East, Oceania, South Africa, India, China and South Asia.

Our Team

We have a diverse workforce with unique perspectives, rich experience and a global mindset.  Such diversity plays a vital part in solving complex issues effectively and in making successful decisions.  Together, the synergy of our workforce creates agile and efficient teams that are open to new ideas and solutions.   

Some facts about our team:

  • The longest serving staff has been with us since 1981
  • Up to 10% of our workforce has been with “K” Line for more than 30 years
  • The average tenure of our staffs is more than 10 years
Our Business Divisions
  • Administrative Division
    • Accounting 
    • Human Resources
    • General Administration
    • Corporate & Legal Risk Compliance
    • Corporate 
  • IT Division
    • Provides IT solutions to “K” Line Group companies in the region (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and within Singapore)
  • Agency Division
    • Vessel Husbanding
    • Works with Car Carrier Operations
    • Sales and Customer Relations
  • Bulker & Tanker Divisions
    • Bulk
    • Energy
    • Tanker
    • Marine
  • Car Carrier Group
    • Manages Asia Automobile Terminal Singapore
    • Performs damage prevention activities
    • Ensures seamless port operations via port captains
  • Marine Division
    • Point of contact for marine incidents
    • Ensure compliance to international environmental standards
    • Conduct sea trials before vessel delivery to owners


KLPL Organisation chart