“K” Line Pte Ltd Social Distancing Measures for Customers, Business Partners & Stakeholders

Due to the recent advisories by Ministry of Manpower (“MOM”), please be advised that the following measures shall apply to all business meeting with our customers, business partners and stakeholders.

  1. All business meetings are to be conducted via virtual meeting (video or telephone conference), where possible. 
  2. If physical meeting is essential and necessary, then:- 
    1. Where possible, venue for meeting to be in open air or in well ventilated places, taking care of confidentiality as well;
    2. Parties to comply with MOM’s advisories, e.g. to minimise handshake and keeping 1 metre distancing where possible;
    3. Where meeting is held on KLPL’s premises, please adhere to the signs that have been placed (please see below) on the seats for social distancing.


We encourage all staff, customers, business partners and stakeholders to read the advisory on social distancing measures at the workplace by MOM (https://www.mom.gov.sg/covid-19/advisory-on-safe-distancing-measures) prior to meeting.

While we understand that these measures may create some inconvenience, the safety and well-being of our staff, customers, business partners and stakeholders remain our utmost priority and we seek your kind co-operation during this trying time.

Should you have any questions on the aforesaid Social Distancing Measures, please do not hesitate to contact General Affairs Division, Ms Florence Lee at 6215 6188 or Mr Siow Kim Bok at 6215 9288 or email us at klpladmdadm@klpl.sg.kline.com.

“K” Line Pte Ltd