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Triple Arrow Car Carrier Services

K.K. Regional Navigation (KKRN) in Malaysia commenced its regular PCTC (Pure Car Truck Carrier ) service on November 2002 as KLPL's associated Malaysian registered shipping company to cater for Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore, of which basic pattern is shown here in the map below.

Map for Car Carrier

It might be a bit prematured in general to predict how the regional cargo movement can grow to which level in ASEAN countries in connection with AFTA scheme with steady recovery from past so called Asian crisis in 1997, but it would be apparent that major car manufacturers are constantly upgrading their production and quality in respective country as a new project, while we are quite confident that KLPL through this service, would be able to assist not only car makers' new and potential export and import of cars but also various rolling stocks of cargo by other vehicle manufacturers.

The vessel deployed in the service by KKRN is now MS Jasa Aman with its capacity of 2,500 units, 22 tons for heavy vehicles lifting capability, 18 knots speed, fully roll on/off operation by professional shore drivers contracted by KKRN at respective calling port, namely Laemchabang, Singapore, Jakarta, Port Kelang, Kuching, Kota Kinabal, Sandakan and Tawau. We are positively studying the expansion of the service in terms of increasing the PCTC vessels, general network, damage prevention activity with zero target and so called value-added service, likewise inland transportation to/from the port, PDI facility, etc. for the future, as well as customers' requirements and needs.

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